Employee Testimonials

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  • Research


    abtin pourgive1

    I am a quantitative researcher within the research team of Last Word. I work with lots of primary and secondary data such as investment sentiments and fund information. And a big part of my job is to make sense of all of this by extracting insights from the raw data. I make lots of charts, infographics and presentations. I write commentary and present these internally and externally from time to time.

    Last Word is full of creative and imaginative people and we regularly get involved in new projects and initiatives. I am an early bird so I love the flexible working hours offered to employees: I cycle in early, am at my desk by 8am and leave by 4pm. We also have showers and lockers downstairs. Everyone is friendly and polite in the office which makes this a great place to work in my opinion.

  • Production


    adrian dobbieI’m the senior designer working as part of Last Word’s in-house production team. I’ve been with Last Word for just under five years, having started as a sub-editor, before taking on my current role in January 2015. I am responsible for upholding our brand guidelines across the company, but I get involved in most aspects of the work we do as a team. We produce all Last Word’s publications, including all our print and online titles, event materials, microsites and content marketing for external clients.

    The fact that we work closely with all the teams in the business means that the production department is in a unique position. In one day we can find ourselves collaborating with journalists and writers, sales and events, marketing and digital. It’s a demanding and fast-paced environment that is greatly enhanced by the multitude of nationalities within the Last Word workforce.

    The business has grown phenomenally during my time here and I am proud to have played my role in that success. With a surname like Dobbie, you can imagine the comments I get. The weirdest thing is that my wife’s surname is Potter. Needless to say, I am the house elf to her wizard! Quidditch anyone?

  • Digital Advertising


    chiara perugiaI joined Last Word in 2013, starting off in the digital advertising team and now working as a Content Project Manager. My role involves taking care of all client content marketing campaigns, liaising internally, with our joint venture, Finpix and directly with client and agencies to ensure all campaigns are delivered to the highest standard. The thing I enjoy most about working at Last Word is being part of a young, dynamic and growing team both within sales and across the entire business.

    Fun Fact: I volunteer at a local educational charity helping teenagers who are struggling at school to reach their full academic and personal potential. The charity is committed to making teenagers aware of the opportunities available to them once they finish education, of which Last Word is a proud supporter.

  • Finance


    garyAfter completing my studies, I was excited to finally enter the working world and find place to work that felt right to me. Joining Last Word in 2016 as a Junior Finance Assistant, I was greeted with a warm welcome and immediately felt as part of the team. “Team spirit” is one of Last Word’s strong points and I believe this is a major factor why Last Word is a great place to work. The company is driven by innovative, forward thinking but most importantly supportive directors which inspires a hardworking but happy workforce. I am proud to be part of the team and believe Last Word will continue its rise in the industry and I’m delighted I’m in for the ride.

  • Editorial


    2rach sonia circle0618 200px

    On an average day, my role at Last Word Media begins by sourcing news stories, speaking to contacts and meeting key industry figures in the world of investment. Really, it’s just what you’d expect from your average role in Journalism.

    However, the great thing about this position is that there is a lot of creative control as to what you can write and suggest, both on the website and magazine. In terms of news, at Portfolio Adviser, each reporter can write an in-depth analysis piece every week on a topic of your choice. Not only does this make writing that little bit more enjoyable, it also provides the opportunity to really understand a specific subject.

    Joining Last Word in September 2017 was quite scary, especially as I was coming from a background writing about HR related topics such as employee benefits and pensions. Still, I quickly found my feet because of the incredible support from the editorial desk, as well as the wider team.

    Everyone here is extremely helpful, super friendly and the senior management team really do believe in reward and recognition for a job well done!

  • Sales


    natasha scroggsI have worked at Last Word for two years, and during that period the company has gone through many exciting changes, particularly in the sales team. LW has expanded massively since I started, and we have a really fun and young team to work within. I am lucky to have a variation in my role working across print, digital and content, which means every day is different and we are always learning new things and looking after new projects! I also like being able to organise lots of meetings and come face to face with different people from across the industry who are both clients and agencies. Fun fact: I speak 3 languages and lived in Paris and Madrid for a year!

  • Audience Development


    tom ekloIt’s been about a year and a half since I joined Last Word. During that time, I’ve come to really enjoy many parts of both my job as well as the atmosphere in the office. Having such an open and friendly vibe makes it really easy to approach anyone in the office and collaborate. I also particularly enjoy the multicultural vibe, and the multiple languages that are constantly spoken across the office, particularly in my team. The team I’m part of looks after the relationships with investors as well as conducts a lot of the research for the Expert Investor brand.

    My own focus in particular, is on the Nordic market. As the role includes both research and relationship management, it means that I’m in contact with investors in the Nordics on a day to day basis, either in a research purpose to understand the market better, or to provide them with a platform, which can help them discover new opportunities.

  • Marketing

    2abed yasmin circle 200px


    I joined Last Word in February 2016 and had the privilege of being part of the energetic and exciting Marketing team. It has been a great and rewarding journey over the last eighteen months, seeing the business grow and getting stuck in to some important projects across the business and seeing them through from start to finish. The best part is seeing the significant impact the projects you work on create. 

    On a day to day basis, I look after the Last Word awards, driving entries and ensuring the success of those award ceremonies and I also play a vital role in helping to strengthen customer relationships through a range of marketing campaigns and projects. I would describe Last Word as a supportive, dynamic and caring place to work and a culture which provides great opportunities for all its employees.