As financial publishing specialists dealing with the industry’s most innovative brands, the team at Last Word identified a significant opportunity to help clients develop high impact digital content, sophisticated campaigns and have access to world-class analytics tools that other industries have access to. For FS clients, this was a first.

With the rapid convergence of digital and TV (video is the most popular digital content type), content marketing needs to be based around digital video. Learning from other industries, the key is to ensure that content is extremely well conceived, superbly produced and cleverly distributed.

So FinPix was born, bringing expertise in TV production, digital engagement platforms and analytics from outside the industry. Visit for more information.

The FinPix Team

FinPix comprises a specialist team of digital strategists, content creators, specialist storytellers and digital experts – all with a track record of getting results for clients. The team has experience working with clients both in the UK and further afield, and worked on everything from very specialist animated infographics to a series of mini-documentaries.

Importantly, the content creation specialists on the FinPix Team also continue to work in other industries. The rules of content creation and distribution are changing rapidly, and the team is at the forefront of these changes, with first hand experience of what is working and what is not.

The core FinPix team is made up of professionals from yBC who work closely with colleagues from Last Word.