With 10 years of organising and delivering over 500 conferences and retreats for delegates in 24 countries worldwide, Last Word has become a leading producer for a variety of events for just about every leading asset manager worldwide.

Why we're doing this

In a crowded market with increasing pressures on resources, the task for asset management marketers to get their brand and message heard gets a little more difficult every week. At Last Word, we’ve noticed an evolution in our relationships with the asset managers and we’re only too happy to help out if we feel we can add value, or make a difference. Arranging a conference, seminar or roadshow can be very time consuming, requires the involvement and support of a variety of individuals and is too often forgotten, the minute it’s finished. It doesn’t have to be that way.

What we can offer

Radius offers asset management groups a comprehensive service to organise, host and report on roundtables, receptions, formal meetings, fund launches, roadshows, conferences, seminars, workshops and parties. The event service extends to:

  • All logistical management pre-event and on site
  • All negotiations on preferred suppliers to guarantee best rates
  • All venue liason
  • Hosting & chairing the event
  • Delegate recommendation
  • Invitation design and management

What we can add

As an independent authority in the industry Last Word brings a further degree of credibility to your event. Our on-going research and communication with your clients mean that we understand their investment sentiments and can help pitch the agenda and conversations at the right level. Our award-winning editorial team are on-hand to frame the event with objectivity and an overall narrative. They can also assist with all of the associated PR requirements.

Making the most of the opportunity

We understand the time of the fund managers, product specialists and the delegates is precious. Our custom content team are on hand to produce a variety of materials to help the event resonate with the investor communities in weeks to follow. We can develop a range of content including:

  • HD Video documentaries and discussions involving the portfolio managers, product specialists, sales team and of course the delegates
  • Editorial contributions for PR, website announcements, sales and marketing documents, presentations, blogs and advertising placements
  • Branded digital formats including infographics, scrolling sites, ezines and stories

Of course, there’s no point in creating beautiful, engaging content if no-one sees it so we’re on hand again to put together comprehensive distribution packages across our sites, emails, magazines and social media channels. We’ll develop an appropriate schedule for your target communities and markets to ensure that your content is viewed ahead of the rest.

Benefits of using Radius

Efficiency – Make the most of your time by handing over the administration, negotiation and communication of all of the logistics
Independence – Having the option of a Managing Editor on hand to chair the event or specific debates can ensure an educational and authoritative flavour
Event Content – Last Word’s editorial team can help with the programme development and structure to ensure it lines up with the delegates expectations
Marketing Collateral - We’re on hand to develop a series of content to help publicise, reflect and promote the event(s) to make the most of the occasion
Distribution – Last Word distributes content globally through our digital and print platfoms, to a variety of key channels
Streamlined Approach – Radius will save you the requirement to bring in a range of service providers for different functions             


Daniel Gilmore

Daniel Gilmore

Global Head of Last Word Direct

Gareth Wilde

Gareth Wilde

Managing Director, Asia