Last Word ramps up content marketing capabilities with new digital business, heralded a "game changer"

Last Word, an independent financial content solutions provider, headquartered in London, with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, has launched a suite of new services to help its clients with innovative content marketing.  Alongside its existing publications and extensive industry reach, Last Word has launched additional capabilities focussing on high-end video production, digital content platforms, and advanced campaign analytics.

Elliot Jacobs, Head of Research and Content Marketing at Last Word says that the move is in response to a significant gap in the market.  "As content marketing gets more competitive, our clients have been looking to take their campaigns to the 'next level' - and we've taken a long hard look at the market - including what's happening beyond Financial Services.  We were most impressed with and have partnered with them to launch - FinPix - focussed on innovative and high impact digital content marketing for the industry.  The great advantage is that they bring significant expertise from beyond Financial Services to give our clients a real edge."

yBC's co-founder Mark Sinclair says that the opportunity for Financial Services organisations is significant.  "In general, they've got a lot of ground to make up.  While we're all consuming content via NetFlix on our tablets and phones, many organisations are still producing two dimensional, very salesy content.  Yet the minimum standard people now expect is being dictated by 24/7 news channels, platforms like NetFlix and Amazon and emerging technologies such as 360 degree video and augmented reality.  Those companies which don't step up their content marketing efforts will be left behind. Our partnership with Last Word is very well timed, and their obvious reach and influence within the industry has already led to some great work together."

Last Word and have together formed FinPix and have already completed two high profile projects for Financial Services clients and was recently shortlisted for Digital Innovation of the Year at the PPA Awards last month.  Elliot Jacobs has confirmed that there is a strong demand for differentiated content.  

For more information on FinPix visit here.  Alternatively, to discuss the service in more detail, please contact Elliot Jacobs on or Jamie Hinchliffe on .